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SUMMA WATER RESOURCES INC.  constructs, consults, designs, maintains and operates community and district water and waste water systems in the Philippines.  We are dedicated to provide safe, economic, and reliable drinking water and wastewater service.

Water Purification

Summa Water Resources Inc. water purification systems are engineered to remove or reduce concentration of toxic and hazardous effluents present in industrial waste water to acceptable levels.


Water Management Services

We provide total solutions so that you can concentrate on what you do best – your core business activities.

We provide a wide range of support services from onsite field service, regular maintenance contract to troubleshooting and repair of system components.


Build-Operate-and-Own (BOO) Project

Under a BOO Project, we own the Engineered Water Systems which are designed and built according to your specification and are installed at your premises.  We also undertake full responsibility of managing, operating and maintaining the system.

Build-Operate-and-Maintain (BOM) Project

In a BOM Project, we undertake the daily operational and maintenance functions upon commissioning of Engineered Water Systems designed and built.

Acquire-Operate-and-Maintain (AOM) Project

If you require an upgrade for your existing water treatment systems, or are seeking to improve yield of product water, we offer to acquire, upgrade, and increase the capacity of the existing facility, as well as operate and maintain such systems for you and under our AOM Project.

Other Services Offered:

Primary Treatment
1. Sedimentation
2. Chlorination
3. Ozonation Screening
4. Filtration

Secondary Treatment
1. Reverse Osmosis
2. Softening
3. Demineralization
4. Activation Carbon Adsorption
5. UV Disinfection
6. Ultra Filtration


Accurate Estimates

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your water treatment needs.

Expert Work

With over 40 years of experience of our team members in the water treatment industry, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance.

Friendly Attitudes

Our technicians arrive on the job with a smile on their face and spring in their step.

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